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20 years of experience

RIWELD s.r.o. is an experienced professional in the field of the renovation of machine parts for heavy industry and agriculture. We use advanced technologies and workflows to achieve high precision and resilience of refurbished parts without the need to dismantle them, all at a cost lower than the cost of a new component.

Flexibility and low cost

Our advantage is that we are able to carry out a large amount of repairs directly at our premises, during weekends or night shifts to minimize repair time which positively impacts customers production and operations.



Forges and Press shops

Repairs of hammers and presses by welding with possible final machanical processing of the parts made of cast iron, cast steel, solid steel and various other alloys of higher carbon content , manganese etc. For these machines, we carry out various repairs, such as cracked rams, stands, heads, brackets, sidewalls, pressure vessels including pressure pipes up to 300MPa, connecting rods, gears and pulleys (even large diameters up to 4000 mm) including machanical processing. We provide mobile repairs of internal holes up to a diameter of 320mm and other parts directly on the machine, including machanical processing, die holders, press tables, shabbits, shovels, shaft inserts, plungers, vibratory presses, machine scissors, bending machines (various piston rods, plungers and cylinders, including machining), anvil welding, lamell repair, crankshafts. Most repairs, if it is technically possible, are performed directly at the customer, with the minimal possible dismantling of machines and their equipment.

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Mining industry

Repairs by welding, parts production and supply of replacement systems in the mining industry: General repairs of loaders and diggers, repairs of primary and secondary crushers, frits, hoppers, slides, cracks on various equipment and parts in quarries, sandbanks, gravel and other plants, supply of abrasive materials such as HARDOX, BRINAR, XAR, CDP and others even cheaper types of scraping plates, gear systems, adapters, hardboard plates (cracked dredges and excavators without dismantling and directly in the premises), welding of abrasion protection parts, production of cutting edges, cutting of metal parts, different lengths and forces, production of bits on the blades, drilling and countersinking on materials such as HARDOX, CDP, etc. Further refurbishment of HARDOX truck coaches, various brands such as Belaz, Renault Kerax, Tatra, Volvo, Caterpillar etc. These repairs we also do it directly in the quarries without any extra cost of transporting the machine to the workshops. We also repair and produce mixing blades and accessories for asphalt plants.

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Production of counterparts (CLASS, Mengele, New Holland, Jonn Deer, Toron etc.) (refurbishment of squeegees, squeegee holders, cutter blades), welding of blades, welding of cast parts, repair of broken motor blocks without dismantling, gufer and various parts including machanical processing, delivery of accurate CDP strips cutted by water jet in different widths and lengths, sale of arrow and straight blades to loaders and other machines. Repairs - Renovation and production of various types of compression screws, eg feed augers, bio station screws, combine harvesters and other similar machines or equipment.

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Concrete plants

Renovation of mixers of various types and brands, material CDP, HARDOX, etc., repair of hoppers, conveyors, production of various abrasive parts, etc., repairs, renovation and production of screws in different mixers, industrial grabbers etc.

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The main activity is the repair and production of damaged teeth of compactors, including claddings and scrapers, repairs of blades of compacters, mulching machines and various other parts. Our long-term experience of teeth production dates back to the year 1999, when the first machine applications took place. Repairs are usually done directly on machines in customers to avoid possible deformation. We have many years of experience with this repair activity, both in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Repairs in the power and paper industry

Renovation of water turbines, cylinders, air brushing of various parts and delivery of welding technologies, etc.


References speak for us, we have hundreds of satisfied customers who like to come back to us.



RIWELD s.r.o.
Mikulčice 231, 696 19 Mikulčice, Czech Republic
IČO: 06919014, DIČ: CZ06919014
e-mail: info@riweld.cz
A company incorporated registered in Companies Register Kept by Regional Court in Brno, section C, file 105100

Vladimír Rigáň
Technical support for contracts
tel: +420 777 881 883
e-mail: rigan@riweld.cz

Riweld s.r.o.
Podivínská 1322, 691 02 Velké Bílovice

Jitka Rigáňová
tel: +420 777 00 11 25
e-mail: info@riweld.cz

Bc. Jan Chromec
Foreign trade
tel: +420 774 677 607
e-mail: info@riweld.cz

Mgr. Eva Chromcová MBA
Assistant for foreign trade
e-mail: info@riweld.cz

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